Teacher Appreciation Winners

Teacher Appreciation Winners


Congratulation to our Teacher Appreciation winners!


Our Grand Prize winner Mr. Strout of CK Burns School. He received an Apple iPad Mini courtesy of RCA Records.

iPad Winner2014

Pizza Party Winners:

Mrs. Pecoraro
4th grade at Congin Elementary School
Nominated by Morgan Shibles

Mrs. Pecoraro is the most magnificent teacher because I had an idea to collect pennies for puppies to give to the Animal Refuge League and she helped me to do it.My class raised $67.90. She helps me and my classmates in so many ways. She shows us how to do hard math problems. She helps us with our writing. And she teaches us to be good friends to each other.

5th grade Village Elementary School
Nominated by Molly Murray

My teacher deserves to be recognized is because she is an AMAZING teacher and she is very fun! Math was not one of my favorite subjects and since I’ve been in her class – she has found really cool ways of teaching us the things we need to know….sometimes – she even sings silly math songs to us!!! She is a VERY organized teacher – we have a big 5th grade class of 26 kids and she always keeps us right on our tasks. She is always calm and respectable and is a good example of the code of conduct that we go by at our school. She is just really a nice person – and she works hard every day. Mrs.Kellogg really deserves to win this! Her goal was to make learning fun and… that mission was accomplished! I think that Mrs.Kellogg is an AMAZING teacher!!!


Mrs. Harkins
2nd grade at Lyseth Elementary
Nominated by Jack Martin

Mrs. Harkins is a nice teacher, she is very kind and never yells at us. She is very good at teaching reading and writing and makes learning fun by letting us play games! I have learned a lot this year, my favorite is math. I have learned how to regroup and add four digit numbers. Mrs. Harkins is the best!

Mrs. Dobson
3rd grade at Skillin Elementary
Nominated by Emma Jewell

Mrs. Dobson is a great teacher because she reads to us in the afternoon, she helps me with my spelling, she is very nice and kind, and she has red hair (which is awesome, I do too!). Mrs. Dobson was very funny when the clock jumped off the wall at school. Everyone went crazy and she said, “Time flies when you are having fun”. In Mrs. Dobson’s class, I am learning about the solar system and bubbles. I think Mrs. Dobson deserves a pizza party and an iPad mini because she his happy to see everybody every single day at school. Thank you Mrs. Dobson!!

Mr. Strout
5th Grade at CK Burns School
Nominated by Claire Loeser

I am in fifth grade at CK Burns school in Saco and my teacher is Mr. strout. Mr. Strout, is the most wonderful teacher ever. He tells my class jokes and lets us laugh. I f the class gets too crazy, Mr. Strout tells us. I love Mr. Strout because he takes my class down to the gym every Friday to juggle! He encourages us to do our best and to always keep trying. When Mr. Strout explains our homework, he makes sure that everyone clearly understands how to do it. Then no one will ever have the excuse that they didn’t understand their homework! If you forgot to do your homework or don’t understand something he doesn’t yell at you or get mad he just asks you to do it the next night. Another reason that I like Mr. Strout is that I feel very comfortable around him. I can always ask him a question when I need to! My teacher goes to the most exotic places! He always has either funny, scary, or weird stories to tell! I learn so much by him sharing his experiences with us. Mr. Strout is willing to help when you need some help. He tries his best to tell us to read more challenging books, have fun and do our best! Mr. Strout has fun challenges to make us try really hard. Like he gives each team a point if they are quiet or doing the right thing. He also puts up apples if the class is doing the right thing and being quiet! I f you get the most points for you team you get a free book, if you come in second you get a really cool bookmark. If we get 25 apples as a class we get a movie and ice cream party! Those are the biggest reasons why I absolutely love my teacher! Of course there are many more reasons, but those are the main ones! Please choose Mr. Strout, he deserves it!

Mrs. LeSieur
First Grade at Biddeford Primary School
Nominated by Landon Sirois

Mrs. LeSieur is a fabulous teacher. She is so giving, patient, kind, and understanding. She is always striving to get the most out of her students. My son is very grateful to have her as a teacher.

Mr. Reichl
3rd grade at Wentworth Intermediate
Nominated by Emily McIntyre

Mr. Reichl is the best teacher I have ever had. He makes me want to learn. He is very funny and he makes us all laugh. Mr. Reichl makes us feel good about the work we do. He is a great teacher. I hope I have him for 4th grade. Love, Emily

Miss McCarthy
Kindergarten at Pleasant Elementary School
Nominated by Shay Charsky

Miss McCarthy is a wonderful teacher who exhibits: compassion, creativity, energy and love each and every day to all the children in her class. My daughter is beyond lucky to have her as her first teacher!


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