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Passes to Funtown!


Win a pair of passes to Funtown every weekday!

Listen to afternoon host Ethan Minton around 5pm every Monday-Friday. When Ethan gives you the keyword, be the 10th texter to 77000!

The 3pm price break. Cool down at Splashtown until 6pm! Spend the night at Funtown and save big!


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‘Girls’ star Allison Williams to play Peter Pan on live TV


The star of the HBO comedy will play Peter Pan opposite Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in the TV musical special "Peter Pan Live! on NBC."

in Music

Miranda Lambert working on comedy screenplay


Miranda Lambert is hoping to add screenplay writer and actress to her resumé.

in Entertainment

Chris Pratt goes from slob to heartthrob


With a more buff physique than his character Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation," Pratt combines cocky and dorky into an unlikely leader of a band of outcasts bent on saving the galaxy.

in Viral Videos

Little girl doesn’t want her brother to grow up

Sister Grows Up

Five-year-old Sadie doesn't want her little brother to grow up because he's too cute now as a baby.

in Entertainment

Drew Barrymore’s sister found dead


Jessica Barrymore, daughter of actors John Drew Barrymore and Nina Wayne, was found dead in her car.