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walkman video

Wednesday, April 16, 201404/16/2014

Kids Try To Use A Walkman

This will make you feel old, but it’s pretty funny…

Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

X-Mas Decoration Patrol!

More violators are called out!!!

Scarlett Johansson

Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

Don’t Call Her “Scarjo!”

And Blake explains his odd nickname…


Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

Vote for Eva

Help Eva win the Portland Phoenix “Best of 2014″ Poll for “Best Radio Personality”

Christmas Decorations

Tuesday, April 8, 201404/08/2014

Wreath Wrath

Blake rails against another house with Christmas decorations STILL up!


Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

Blake’s Apology to Tom Daley

“Sorry I said you were….”


Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

Blake’s Hibachi Fail

“I didn’t know what to expect!”


Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Imagine Dragons, Imagine Chameleons and My Worst Car

Blake’s analysis of Imagine Dragons songs… and #MyWorstCar trends on Twitter

Blake batting

Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Batting Practice

Recap of how we did at the batting cage…

Blake batting

Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Blake’s batting practice!

Who knew Blake has mad swing skills?

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