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Wednesday, August 5, 201508/05/2015

Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon with Machine Gun for New (Campaign?) Video…..?!?!?

I have no words.

Blake suits 2

Friday, July 31, 201507/31/2015

Help Blake choose his swimsuits for P-Town!

Choices, choices!!

BE Nick Fradiani

Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

American Idol winner Nick Fradiani joins Blake & Eva!

From the town right next to Blake’s hometown in Connecticut.


Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Blake heads to P-Town…and it’s “family” week!

blake westsuit stripping

Tuesday, July 28, 201507/28/2015

Blake stripping women at 8th Tri For A Cure!

Once a year Blake agrees to “strip” women! Awesome job!

Seattle based artist Michael Leavitt has created a series of life-like cardboard cut-out sneakers based on some of the most iconic sports footwear in history. Remarkable attention to detail has been paid to each individual shoe and you would need to look closer to see that these aren't the real deal. Leavitt, who bills himself as 'an artist for-hire exhibiting pop art with soul worldwide', says, ''Everyday and urban objects are merely my palette for replicating modern landscapes of life, somewhere between a painterly impression and ironic conceptual art statement. I simply think of these as 'big kid toys', as if adults can still play make-believe too. Though each object is an original sculpture hand-made from scratch, each is somewhat functional and durable enough for even a bit of light 'play'.

"Each shoe, and I only make one at a time (not a pair), takes at least a week or two. It's literally painstaking work. Some designs are obviously easier than others - slippers and sandals for example. Detailed designs with tons of knick-knacks andaccoutrements can take much more than two weeks to finish. Especially modern designs. It's an interesting fact of shoe design history that mimics society at large. Things were actually simpler back in the day. Everything's more complicated these days.

"My inspiration to start the cardboard shoe project stems from a reflection on the heyday of 1980's New York City. I was doing a show on this theme at the time that I made my first shoe in 2006 - the Puma. I did the Air Jordan #1 next. And my interest in this time and place hasn't waned. 1984 was a fateful year. Wall Street was on fire. Capitalism in its prime. At the same time, graffiti, punk rock and the downtown scene flourished underground. Not only is the decade seminal to us Gen-Xers. A critical tipping point occurred. Pop culture matured and finally saturated the market. What everyone thought at the time was substance-less material fluff has turned out to be wealth of cultural history.

"Most of my cardboard shoe designs reflect this interest in the classic, old school heyday of highly coveted sneakers. Shoe culture is hitting a different kind of peak now. I'm definitely interested in that too. I'm just more interested in dissecting my childhood. Something weird was happening at the time. And it wasn't just me."

An extensive collection of my “Hip Hopjects” cardboard shoes will be on display as part of the “Elevated Corrugated” exhibit at the Museum of Craft and Design. This is a very exciting opportunity for me. It’s also a unique chance to see perhaps the biggest collection of my cardboard shoes on view at a high profile location. I live 800 miles away, I made the work myself, and I’m still gonna try to go see the show!" Elevated Corrugated will be on display at the Museum of Craft & Design in San Francisco from 5 April to 22 June.

Featuring: Converse Chuck Taylors
Where: Vashon, Seattle
When: 26 Mar 2014
Credit: Must Credit: Michael Leavitt/WENN

**Notes to EditorsPlease mention Michael's upcoming exhibition in copy**

Friday, July 24, 201507/24/2015

Chuck Taylors Redesigned For The First Time in Almost 100 Years!

Click to see what they look like!


Wednesday, July 15, 201507/15/2015

Boston’s Last Snow Pile JUST Finished Melting…. YESTERDAY. (See the pic)

I'm pleased to announce the #BOSMeltNow challenge has come to a close, as the pile officially melted today, July 14.…

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