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Wednesday, April 2, 201404/02/2014

Blake Got April Fooled.

Would you have fallen for this?

pastor white homo

Friday, March 28, 201403/28/2014

Blake And Other Gays Making Black Women Single????

You HAVE to listen to this pastor’s ridiculous claims!! This was our favorite segment of the day….

pastor white homo

Friday, March 28, 201403/28/2014

Pastor: Black Women Single Due To “White Homos!”

Check out his CRAZY claims in this video…


Wednesday, March 26, 201403/26/2014

Shorter or Taller Than Blake?

How does Blake stack up to this list of celebrities?


Tuesday, March 25, 201403/25/2014

Blake and Eva’s Brackets

Check out our picks for this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament…

Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn

Tuesday, March 25, 201403/25/2014

Singer Comes Out, and Blake Jealous Over Cher

We LOVE playing his band’s song!


Monday, March 24, 201403/24/2014

Monday’s Word of the Day

…and Dean’s peek at this week’s spring snowstorm.

Maine Maple Sunday (Photo by blake)

Monday, March 24, 201403/24/2014

Maine Maple Sunday

Where we went, and one concern we had about cows and pigs…


Monday, March 24, 201403/24/2014

Blake and Eva’s Brackets

How do you think our March Madness picks will do??


Thursday, March 20, 201403/20/2014

Would You Buy a 3-Pound Phone Case?

Plus, Blake’s neighbors found a long-lost item under a snow bank!

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