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Anchors LA Earthquake

Monday, March 17, 201403/17/2014

Anchors Hide Under Desk on Live TV

Watch the video!

cat pix

Thursday, March 13, 201403/13/2014

Frozen Fix, and Ferocious Feline Update

What’s next for the cat that made a family call 911??

frozen youtube

Wednesday, March 12, 201403/12/2014

Watch: Parents lip-sync “Frozen” song

They are REALLY into it, and such a cute couple!

Blake and Eva Blog Image

Wednesday, March 12, 201403/12/2014

Eva: Blake should stop wearing….

…what? And listeners call with other fashions we should ban!

Chocolate Lovers

Wednesday, March 12, 201403/12/2014

Blake’s First Maine Whoopie Pie, and more sweets!

And, here’s a tasty bakery in Gorham you should go support!


Wednesday, March 12, 201403/12/2014

Wednesday’s Word of the Day

How close is Eva’s definition of “Obdurate?”

cat pix

Tuesday, March 11, 201403/11/2014

Family forced to barricade themselves from their pet!

Forced to call 911 for help!


Tuesday, March 11, 201403/11/2014

Blake did NOT get pulled over this morning!

Obeyed every law!!


Tuesday, March 11, 201403/11/2014

Tuesday’s Word of the Day

Another word you know but may have been using incorrectly…

pharrell on Youtube

Friday, February 28, 201402/28/2014

Pharrell’s Inspiring Message To A Kid With Cancer

Watch his “Happy” video message here!

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