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Christmas Decorations

Tuesday, April 8, 201404/08/2014

Wreath Wrath

Blake rails against another house with Christmas decorations STILL up!


Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

Blake’s Apology to Tom Daley

“Sorry I said you were….”


Friday, April 4, 201404/04/2014

Blake’s Hibachi Fail

“I didn’t know what to expect!”


Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Imagine Dragons, Imagine Chameleons and My Worst Car

Blake’s analysis of Imagine Dragons songs… and #MyWorstCar trends on Twitter

Blake batting

Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Batting Practice

Recap of how we did at the batting cage…

Blake batting

Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Blake’s batting practice!

Who knew Blake has mad swing skills?

Blake and Eva Blog Image

Wednesday, April 2, 201404/02/2014

Blake Got April Fooled.

Would you have fallen for this?

pastor white homo

Friday, March 28, 201403/28/2014

Blake And Other Gays Making Black Women Single????

You HAVE to listen to this pastor’s ridiculous claims!! This was our favorite segment of the day….

pastor white homo

Friday, March 28, 201403/28/2014

Pastor: Black Women Single Due To “White Homos!”

Check out his CRAZY claims in this video…


Wednesday, March 26, 201403/26/2014

Shorter or Taller Than Blake?

How does Blake stack up to this list of celebrities?

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