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bro app

Friday, February 28, 201402/28/2014

Was That Your Guy? Or Did His “Bro App” Text You?

Check out the new mobile app that might be sending you automatic, generic texts!

oscar nominee gravity

Thursday, February 27, 201402/27/2014

Kids Reenact Oscar Best Picture Nominees

How cute is this?! Which movie are you rooting for?  (Have you seen them all??)

Justin Bieber

Thursday, February 27, 201402/27/2014

Watch Justin Bieber’s Sobriety Test

Does the Bieb look drunk to you?

Ashlynn (YouTube)

Wednesday, February 26, 201402/26/2014

2 Year-Old’s iPad Tantrum

Watch the video here, and let us know what you think…

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