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Thursday, January 30, 201401/30/2014

Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Dobson’s 3rd grade class at Skillin School

Email from Emma.


Thursday, January 23, 201401/23/2014

Teacher Appreciation; Mr. Strout, C.K. Burns, Saco

Email from Claire


Thursday, January 23, 201401/23/2014

Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. LeSieur; Biddeford Primary

Sweet email from Landon!

Mr. Reichl

Thursday, January 16, 201401/16/2014

Teacher Apprecation: Mr. Reichl, Wentworth Intermediate

Received a great email from Emily!


Wednesday, January 15, 201401/15/2014

Teacher Appreciation: Ms. McCarthy, Pleasant Hill School

Email from Shay Charsky.

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