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jeans 2

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Busted by his own pants!

baggy pants catch and criminal ends up literally hanging by his pants!

car brakelight

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Eva wants Blake to fix her broken brakelight!

Claims he handles the “man” duties in their relationship!

marshawn lynch

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch in a new movie!

All about his life!!

Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Blake calls for his “Christmas Decorations” spotter squad!

It’s exactly two months since Christmas!


Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

Boston man is selling… snow!

Promises it will arrive, but could be in water form!


Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

What item does your partner “refuse” to get rid of?

Spring cleaning just around the corner!


Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

It’s monkeys vs. “The Bachelor!”

One contestant says she needs to more like a monkey!

blood vial

Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

Up for auction: Winston Churchill’s blood!

Was given to a nurse as a souvenir in 1942!

Tom Brady

Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

Tom Brady’s plan for his post-football career!

Heading to Hollywood!

happy person

Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

The five minute secret to being “happier!”

Do this every day….. you’ll be so happy!

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A Friday favorite!

question mark

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man on bike

Man offers to sell virginity for 2000 Euros!

Obviously not saving it for someone special!


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Who stashes fast food under their bed, which young singer already considered a “cat lady?”

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