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Thursday, May 21, 201505/21/2015

Thursday’s “$1000 Minute” contest!

Answer 10 questions correctly and win $1000!!

sweet 16

Thursday, May 21, 201505/21/2015

The “worst” way to ruin a “Sweet 16″ Birthday party!

Try to top this!

Tom Hanks appears on the 'Late Show with David Letterman.' Hanks and Letterman talk about his new movie 'Inferno.' As seen on CBS

Featuring: Tom Hanks
Where: United States
When: 18 May 2015
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Thursday, May 21, 201505/21/2015

David Letterman’s final “Late Night” Show

Keeps it classy until the end!


Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Eva’s typo on FB is hilarious!

The best typo you’ve seen?

sea snacks

Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Ice cream now available ON Casco Bay!

New service for treat-deprived boaters starts this weekend!

high heels

Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Cannes Film Festival insist women wear heels on Red Carpet



Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Nine year-old Cole takes Blake’s “Selfie etiquette” quiz

After Disneyworld bans Selfie sticks on Thunder Mountain!

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Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Signs you grew up in Boston!

Things only people from Boston will understand!

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