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sister cristina

Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

The last song you’d expect a singing nun to cover!

Former Italian Idol contestant sings Madonna’s what?


Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

Woman stuck in chimney rescued with dish soap!

Trying to sneak into house of guy who had broken up with her!


Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

Craigslist post for man looking for fertile woman…

To escape with before the Ebola apocalypse!


Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

“Breaking Bad” action figures at Toys R Us?

Comes complete with gun, cash, meth suit and blue meth!

cassette tape

Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

The film soundtrack being released on…cassette

Guardians of the Galaxy going old school!

sports helmet

Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

Blake gets all “sporty!”


Monday, October 20, 201410/20/2014

Big, bad Kanye West is afraid of what…..

Makes wife Kim handle this duty!

Brian Farrell

Monday, October 20, 201410/20/2014

Welcome Brian Farrell to the Coast lineup!

Taking over afternoons on Coast 3-7p for

mullet fish 2

Monday, October 20, 201410/20/2014

Singer pelted at Mulletfest in Niceville, Fla.!

Not very nice!


Monday, October 20, 201410/20/2014

Band geek stopped by police!

Which instrument got him in some trouble!

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