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Monday, October 19, 201510/19/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 10/19/15

Highlights: Craigslist “Missed Connections”…sneak peek at new music from Adele!

good news 2

Friday, October 16, 201510/16/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 10/16/15

Highlights: “Tell us something good!”…Jim Webb still just wants to talk!

Tom Brady

Thursday, October 15, 201510/15/2015

B&E: Show podcasts for 10/15/15

Highlights: Tom Brady on hair and diet!…Blown Off (Web of cries!)


Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

“Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” -American Cancer Society

Mike McPherson, husband of a breast cancer survivor offers his perspective of dealing with breast cancer. #realmenwearpink

hillary clinton

Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 10/14/15

Highlights: Hillary’s “Eva” moment!…Gun oil that is not for guns!-note content!…

misc legos

Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 10/13/15

Highlights: Blake’s boyfriend’s financial purchased is revealed…Worst thing you got trick or treating?

blake box

Monday, October 12, 201510/12/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 10/12/15

Highlights: Blake standing on a box!…Rolling Stones Tour rider is awesome!

Maroon 5 perform at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Italy, near Milan

Featuring: Adam Levine, Maroon 5
Where: Assago, Italy
When: 12 Jun 2015
Credit: KIKA/

**Only available for publication in UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA**

Friday, October 9, 201510/09/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 10/9/15

Highlights…our favorite 62 y.o. listener, Nancy is back!…Adam Levine’s new BFF is a gangster!


Thursday, October 8, 201510/08/2015

B&E: Show Podscasts for 10/8/15

Highlights: Blake practices shooting baskets for a Red Claws event on 10/10…Who steals a truck filled with tofu and juices?

john morgan

Wednesday, October 7, 201510/07/2015

Hypnotist John Morgan joins B&E!

Offering a smoking cessation and weight-loss seminar in Portland.

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