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microwave fire

Thursday, September 25, 201409/25/2014

Don’t put your iphone in the microwave!


Wednesday, September 24, 201409/24/2014

Starbucks now has a tea called “Oprah Chai!”

What does it taste like?

ouija board

Wednesday, September 24, 201409/24/2014

Blake learns about the “Ouija Board!”

New movie based on the game!


Wednesday, September 24, 201409/24/2014

More than a hug, but shorter than a date!

The new “Cuddlr” App!!


Wednesday, September 24, 201409/24/2014

If a man became a woman for 24 hours…his biggest shock?

Part 2!


Wednesday, September 24, 201409/24/2014

If a man became a woman for 24 hours… his biggest shock?

Part 1


Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

Missing Afghan soldiers found in Canada

But why did they stop “here” before heading North!


Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

How you can be an extra in “Magic Mike XXL”

See Channing Tatum in the flesh!

Facebook Page ScreenShot.jpg

Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

The call we got after mentioning a deceased friend of Blakes!

Discussing deceased peoples’ Facebook pages, this call was unbelievably startling!

Boob Cleavage

Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

Why one woman added a third breast!

Her reasoning is beyond insane!

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