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handsome man

Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

What makes men more attractive!

Top things aside from looks and personality.


Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Blake reveals latest “hotflash” study!

Eva lives the “flashback” study!


Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Loose boar on runway causes havoc!

Planes unable to land…

catch bouqet

Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Woman catches 47 bridal bouquets!

Trying for a record, but still single!

Leslie Gore

Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Singer-songwriter Lesley Gore dead at 68

Super hots from the 60’s “It’s My Party” and “Judy’s Turn To Cry”


Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Lady Gaga’s engaged!

Boyfriend “Chicago Fire” actor Taylor Kinney proposed on Valentine’s Day!! See the $500k ring!


Monday, February 16, 201502/16/2015

Weather Channel Jim Cantore is beyond excited!

Apparently “thunder snow” makes him giddy!


Monday, February 16, 201502/16/2015

Pastor blames “gays” for lack of batteries!

“They bought all the Duracells!”

men underwear

Monday, February 16, 201502/16/2015

Robbers use “camo” boxer-briefs to cover their faces!

Who needs “camo” underwear?


Monday, February 16, 201502/16/2015

Woman stung on plane by a scorpion!

Did he have a ticket to board?

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