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baby crying

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

How did Blake make a baby cry?

His trademark scares the poor thing!

marriage contract

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

What would you put in your marriage contract?

Back rubs, toilet seat down? What would you demand from your spouse?

to do list

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Talking to Eva’s friend Sonia about her To-Do list!

Sonia flies into town to visit and is immediately put to work!


Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Blake explains “I Wanna Marry Harry”

Actually watched the whole premiere!

skateboard new

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Is Blake too old to ride a skateboard?

What’s the cut-off age for not looking lame?

to do list

Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Eva’s visiting friend gets a to-do list!

Is Eva seriously asking her friend to do this?


Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Kat Perkins from “The Voice” joins B&E!

The moment her boyfriend decided he wasn’t jealous of Adam Levine.


Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Kristen Merlin from “The Voice” joins B&E!

How she forgot the words to “The Star Spangled Banner”

grad 2

Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Why this college grad felt the need to call in a bomb threat

Extreme measure to prevent her parents from finding out this news!

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blake friend

A photo of Blake’s friend is being used to sell what?

Stolen photo used to promote this fetish!


Happy “Vents” Day!

People who walk cats on a leash!


Popular dreams per state!

What do Mainers dream most about?

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Dating profile horror stories!

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Ben Affleck’s privates on the big screen!

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Most ticketed car models!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Eva celebrates 9 years cancer free!

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