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baby delivery

Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/13/15

Highlights…you were in labor and your partner was doing….Advantages of small boobs!


Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/12/15


Grocery Store Melons

Wednesday, November 11, 201511/11/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/11/15

Highlights: Blake’s Express Line etiquette faux-pas!…Unethical gift shoppers.

knife kitchen

Tuesday, November 10, 201511/10/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/10/15

Highlights…Lorena Bobbit back in the news!…Strange things you’ve seen in someone’s home!

baby girl

Monday, November 9, 201511/09/2015

B&E Show Podcasts for 11/9/15

Highlights…the awful 90’s fashion trend that is coming back…mom gets baby drunk!

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson at Barnes and Noble where he made an appearance to sign copies of his book 'A More Perfect Union'

Featuring: Ben Carson
Where: Miami, Florida, United States
When: 05 Nov 2015
Credit: Johnny Louis/

Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts from 11/6/15

Highlights: Ben Carson’s Rap ad!…Where were you awkwardly hit on?

blown off

Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/5/15

Highlights…Blown Off: Arm candy!…Eva’s wet T-shirt video!


Wednesday, November 4, 201511/04/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts 11/4/15

Highlights: Farting sheep on a plane-is just plain funny!…Twitter users upset over Love!


Tuesday, November 3, 201511/03/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/03/15

Highlights…Funny reason you needed stitches…The “Birds and The Bees”.

B&E Halloween 1

Monday, November 2, 201511/02/2015

B&E: Show Podcasts for 11/02/15

Highlights: B&E’s Halloween recap!…Naughty Halloween candy mistake!

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baby delivery

Blake & Eva Show Podcasts for 2/11/16

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eva mexico

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Podcasts for 2/4/16, Olivia Gunn fills in for Eva!

What happens when a man faints near Bernie Sanders… and what causes “resting bitch face?”

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