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good news 2

Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

Good Friday, “Tell us something good!”

Share you good news of the week!


Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

“I’ve never done this, but everyone else has!”

Been to a concert, seen iconic movies, eaten seafood….and so much more!

blake and eva more clown

Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

B&E are nominated for the Portland Phoenix “Best Of 2015″ Radio Personality!

Tacky to vote for themselves?

lost at sea

Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

Man lost at sea for 2 months…and survives!

How he stayed alive!


Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

How many Peeps can Eva shove in her mouth before she….(VIDEO)

Guess the right number and win!


Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

Woman chucks a jar of Vaseline at Gov. LePage!


Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

Chinese panda sets the record for longest lovemaking session!

The enduring panda of China!

champagne toast

Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

How Easter Seals got its name!

Exec. Dir. Gail Wilkerson explains and describes the upcoming “Toast On The Coast” event!


Thursday, April 2, 201504/02/2015

Indiana pizza place finds their “15 minutes of fame” no fun!

Publicly said they won’t cater events for LGBT persons!


Thursday, April 2, 201504/02/2015

Man is confused about meaning of Easter!

Not “everyone” gets resurrected!

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Reward for dirty diaper dumper in Maine!

Someone is dumping buckets of dirty diapers into the river!

freight train

Blake stuck in train delay during rush hour!

traffic standstill close to 20 minutes!


“Tell us something good!” – Getting snipped!

After five kids, he is ready and almost willing!

sacha baron cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new kid has a five-name name

Who gives their kid five names?

white house

The White House’s new de-fence plan!

Kind of a silly attempt to stop trespassers!

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