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toilet paper

Monday, March 16, 201503/16/2015

Eva has a toilet paper dilemma!

Hates the one-ply she bought in bulk!


Monday, March 16, 201503/16/2015

Dean explains March Madness to B&E!

The Coast Morning show gets “sporty!”


Monday, March 16, 201503/16/2015

A new study on what “moms” should earn for all they do… 253K!

If you had a lot of money, which “mommy” job would you outsource?

medical wiki

Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

Man breaks his pen*s, says he heard it “snap!”



Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

Eva’s 21-Day “no face cleanse” challenge update!

Glowing skin or hotflash flush?


Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

National “PI” Day is March 14!

It’s like a “pie” but for math geeks!


Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

Center Lovell Inn owner is giving away the Inn!

Janice Sage is holding an essay contest for one lucky winner!

BE Wiener 1

Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

The Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile” is coming to Coast 93.1

Blake & Eva are so excited!


Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

The Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile” is here!!

Blake & Eva take a tour inside!

blake and eva more clown

Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

It’s Blake & Eva, we’re back!

A few days off, now we’re back to the business of fun!

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