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Friday, May 15, 201505/15/2015

Jeopardy Contestant’s Sassy “Victory Snap” Goes Viral

Watch the hilarious clip!


Thursday, May 14, 201505/14/2015

Congressman takes Selfie picture with a pig!

The goofy reason it was never posted!!

more naked

Thursday, May 14, 201505/14/2015

College course requires you get “naked!”

Some parents upset!


Thursday, May 14, 201505/14/2015

Subway’s unique robbery defense!

Leaves thieves with this special marking!


Thursday, May 14, 201505/14/2015

Blake’s Long Tongue (Video…)

He can touch his….

Tiger Woods promoting Turkish Airline Golf Tournament

Wednesday, May 13, 201505/13/2015

Celebrity makeups and breakups!

The real reason Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn split!

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