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Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

“Snowden” Official Trailer is here!

Directed by Oliver Stone, the movie opens in September!


Wednesday, April 13, 201604/13/2016

Brothers prank little sister about Zombie Apocalypse

After oral surgery, these brothers convince their sister there is an impending Zombie Apocalypse— her response is hysterical!


Friday, April 1, 201604/01/2016

Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala Pranks teammate!

During a ride in a Lyft car, Teammate Festus Ezeli overhears on Sports Radio that he is being cut from the team! Gotcha!


Wednesday, March 30, 201603/30/2016

Gronk’s First INSTAGRAM Post Is Deliciously Hilarious!!!

💡 HERE WE GO BABY! #instagronk #firstgram #nofilter #obviously #gronkspike #you #laugh #me #happy #love #fun #patriots #blessed #hashtag A…


Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

Watch: Bird Lands on Bernie Sanders Podium During Rally

“Birdie Sanders”


Thursday, March 24, 201603/24/2016

Actor Shemar Moore’s touching goodbye to his fans!

After 11 season’s, Derek Morgan is leaving the BAU and “Criminal Minds.” Baby Girls everywhere are crying!


Thursday, March 24, 201603/24/2016

“Bridget Jones’ Baby” Official Trailer!

Whose Bridget’s baby daddy? We’ll have to wait until September to find out!


Tuesday, March 22, 201603/22/2016

Can You Explain This Awkward Handshake Moment Between Obama and Castro???

What is going on here?  What did Obama try to touch that resulted in Castro lifting his arm up awkwardly?…


Tuesday, March 15, 201603/15/2016

Obama gets down with “Hamilton” creator in the Rose Garden.

President Obama getting in on the action!


Wednesday, March 9, 201603/09/2016

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 – Official Trailer

New season starts April 24th!

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B&E’s Show Podcast of the Day for 5/24/16

We were thrilled to welcome Anthony, Andrew and Sean from South Portland H.S. to talk about Guys & Pies–a group of young men who get together weekly to eat pizza and discuss domestic violence prevention and more appropriate ways to talk to females. It’s part of a program through Family Crisis Services!

laughing baby

Blake & Eva Show Podcasts for 5/24/16

Highlights: New “Bachelorette ” season — who gave JoJo “blue balls!”…Ok to leave a 9-month old home alone if you’re close by?…Best age to give a kid a smart phone?

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Blake & Eva Show Podcasts for 5/23/16

Highlights: Eva calls Blake & Dean “Athletes”…who knew so many women love their man’s “smell!”


B&E Show Podcast of the Day for 5/20/16-Eva’s bunions make Blake gag!

Most discussions of shoes leads to talk of Eva’s bunions, which leads to Blake getting grossed out!


Blake & Eva Show Podcasts for 5/20/16

Highlights: Eva’s beef with TD Bank…How Blake confused wedding “bouquets” and wedding “budgets!”…the top foods not to eat on a first date!


B&E’s Show Podcast of the Day for 5/19/16-Who knew…the type of beer that comes from…down there!

Celebrating Craft Beer Week, Liquid Riot stops by with some beer….and one that’s actually being made from a very “private” lady part! Will you still drink it?

gorilla kiss

Blake & Eva Show Podcasts for 5/19/16

Highlights: Dad gets hit with gorilla poop because he’s hot!…Blake role plays being a “needy” female!…Blown Off-No scraps left behind!


B&E Show Podcast of the Day for 5/18/16-One dad’s hysterical texts over “Daddy Fail!”

His toddler = is throwing up in the car as they drive, dad pulls over, but starts vomiting at the smell, and proceeds to text “mom” all the gory details! Priceless!

Katy Perry as a Clown

Blake & Eva Show Podcasts for 5/18/16

Highlights: TSA Clowns to distract passengers in lone lines!…Strangest compliment you ever got?…Why Eva’s “got to start licking!”

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