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Friday, March 4, 201603/04/2016

The new “Ghostbusters” official Trailer!

Reboot stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Bustin’ out this summer!


Thursday, March 3, 201603/03/2016

Blake to Eva: Can you take off your bra under your sweater?

The mission took Eva about 20 seconds! And watch Blake totally duck a her bra comes flying at him!


Thursday, March 3, 201603/03/2016

“Finding Dory” newest trailer!

Ready for another epic underwater adventure? The movie opens June 2!


Wednesday, March 2, 201603/02/2016

This “Ariel” commercial in India speaks volumes about so many women!

Women, wives, and moms who do it all– one dad’s realization that he’s been part of the problem. #sharetheload


Tuesday, February 23, 201602/23/2016

Gronk — and his DAD — party on the Gronk Cruise

Gronk goes from Flo Rida backup dancer… Gronk auditioning to be one of Flo Rida's back-up dancers. I think he's…


Thursday, February 11, 201602/11/2016

WATCH: Australian Freaks Out When Girlfriend Almost Gets Hit By Lightning (Can you understand him??)

Watch it first with your eyes closed… then watch with the hilarious subtitles.


Thursday, February 11, 201602/11/2016

Andy Griffith Consoles Cam Newton?

Funny video…


Wednesday, February 10, 201602/10/2016

Watch: Pig Tries To Put The Pork IN The New Hampshire Primary

Click for video…


Friday, January 29, 201601/29/2016

New goat sound is awesome!!

Goats noises will always be funny!


Thursday, January 28, 201601/28/2016

Watch Vin Diesel Play With Toys in a 1994 Gig

And his body sure looked great then…!

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