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Eva is nominated!
Eva is nominated!

And Blake’s gonna manage her campaign…

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Wednesday’s “$1000 Minute” game!

Answer 10 questions correctly and win $1000!

Flip Flops

Top Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops!

Blake reads this especially for Eva!


What hasn’t the Pope done since 1990!

We all do it every single day!

cute chicken

The music genre that makes chickens lay huge eggs!

One egg farmer says playing this music has his chickens laying double-sized eggs!

Kelly Clarkson on 'The Graham Norton Show'. Broadcast on BBC1 HD.

Featuring: Kelly Clarkson
Where: United Kingdom
When: 20 Feb 2015
Credit: Supplied by WENN

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Is Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” a rip off?

Sounds a lot like a hit by Jimmy Eats World!

craigslist missed connection

Craigslist “Missed Connections”

A special Tuesday version because of Memorial Day!

minute to win it logo

Tuesday’s “$1000 Minute” contest!

Could you have guessed all 10 correctly? If so, you could have won $1000.

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