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ice ice

Thursday, February 13, 201402/13/2014

N.C. School Principals announce school closing to “Ice Ice Baby”

In Cool Stuff, Videos

Showing their skills!

Bruno on Ellen

Wednesday, February 12, 201402/12/2014

Ellen in Bruno Mars’ Ear

In Cool Stuff, Videos

Watch what happens when Ellen tells Bruno Mars what to say

sam jackson

Tuesday, February 11, 201402/11/2014

Samuel L. Jackson mistaken for Laurence Fishburne–not happy!

In Cool Stuff, Videos

KLTA’s Sam Rubin’s awkward “oops” moment and Jackson’s response is hilarious!

Jimmy Fallon

Saturday, February 8, 201402/08/2014

Jimmy Fallon says Goodbye to “Late Night”

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Jimmy Fallon and the Muppets say goodbye to “Late Night”


Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

Is David Beckham “enhanced” in the Superbowl ad for H&M?

In Cool Stuff, Videos

You be the judge! Great shot at the one minute mark!


Tuesday, February 4, 201402/04/2014

Cute kid crying to A Great Big World’s “Say Something

In Cool Stuff, Videos

Beyond adorable!

cpap video

Monday, February 3, 201402/03/2014

Blake tries Eva’s Sleep Apnea Cpap machine.

In Cool Stuff, Eva's Blog, Videos

Beyond uncomfortable!

liar test

Monday, February 3, 201402/03/2014

Are you a good liar? Find out in just five seconds!

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Why waste time with liars?

puppy commercial

Thursday, January 30, 201401/30/2014

New Budweiser Superbowl commercial is too cute!

In Cool Stuff, Videos

More than 11 million views in 24 hours!


Tuesday, January 28, 201401/28/2014

The Scarlett Johansson’s Superbowl commercial you won’t see!

In Cool Stuff, Videos

Tagline aimed at competitors has now been removed!

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