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sick kid

Thursday, September 24, 201509/24/2015

Blake & Eva talk with Maine CDC’s Dr. Siiri Bennett

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Getting the facts on prevention and treatment of Meningitis.


Thursday, September 24, 201509/24/2015

Nuns Tailgating for the Pope

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Click to see the pic…


Wednesday, September 23, 201509/23/2015

No Plastic! Poor turtle has straw removed from his nostril

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Trash left on our beaches ends up in our ocean–where our marine animals can eat it or become entangled in it. PLEASE, no trash left on beach!


Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Little girl’s life advice to her parents after divorce.

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She may be young, but has great advice for us all!

kenz and brian.JPG

Monday, September 21, 201509/21/2015

Cutting their hair to help sick kids! Before & After Pics

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Coast Afternoon dude Brian Farrell and promotions goddess Mackenzie Gregory – have both been growing their hair for a while…


Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

B&E Show Podcasts for 9/18/2015

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Highlights: Your weird allergy….plus this fortune cookie really delivered!


Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

The real star of the second GOP Debate? #HotDebateGuy

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Why focus on the candidates when there is a cutie to look at? #HotDebateGuy

police help

Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

A letter to thank a Portland Police Officer goes viral.

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An emotional and heartfelt letter to Portland Police Officer Sean Hurley is making the social media rounds. The letter was…


Thursday, September 17, 201509/17/2015

MCCP Mom, Luisa DeLuca joins Blake & Eva

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Mom to 8 year-old Luka, diagnosed with Leukemia, and the amazing support from the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.

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