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Monday, April 6, 201504/06/2015

Eva has a severe lip and mouth infection.

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Looking for some sympathy in all the wrong places…


Friday, April 3, 201504/03/2015

How many Peeps can Eva shove in her mouth before she….(VIDEO)

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Guess the right number and win!


Thursday, April 2, 201504/02/2015

“Left Shark” Statue Made Of… PEEPS!

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Check it out!!

april Fools

Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

Our April Fools joke that caught everyone off guard! Part 1

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People pulled over in their cars looking for the source of that sound!

april Fools

Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

Our April Fools Joke – what the heck is that sound?-Part 2

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Listeners thought they were going crazy!


Tuesday, March 31, 201503/31/2015

Steve from Vena’s Fizz House shares his yummy chocolate fizzes!

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New vendor for this year’s “Chocolate Lovers’ Fling!


Tuesday, March 31, 201503/31/2015

The Muppets take on the “Humpty Dance!”

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Cute version of Digital Underground’s hit song!


Monday, March 30, 201503/30/2015

Hunky Professor Has Students LINING UP For Math Class!

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Check out his pics here….

be eqme

Monday, March 30, 201503/30/2015

Blake & Eva before hosting duties at EQME Gala!

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Great event, helping to raise more than $40,000 to benefit programs that serve, protect, and empower the LGBT community.


Monday, March 30, 201503/30/2015

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan play a little basketball!

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Among a small group playing a pick up game while on vacation!

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