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dog chewing

Friday, January 15, 201601/15/2016

Blake & Eva: Show Podcast: 1/15/16

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The Freedom kids at Trump Rally are truly disturbing…Calvin Klein’s “gender-free” fragrance!…What did your dog chew?


Thursday, January 14, 201601/14/2016

B&E: Show Podcasts for 1/14/16

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Blake reads drug lord El Chapo’s sexy texts!…Careers with the most psychopaths?…Blake’s banana goes soft!


Thursday, January 14, 201601/14/2016

James Corden sings Adele Karaoke with Adele!

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Fun to hear Adele karaoke oke herself!

marching band

Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

B&E: Show Podcasts from 1/13/16

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Highlights: Blake & Dean to join the Gay Marching Band?…Siri can BeatBox!

man with gun

Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

Oregon Militiamen: Stop Sending Us Penises.

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Watch… (semi-NSFW)

Boob Cleavage

Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

B&E: Show Podcasts for 1/12/16

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Highlights: Eva;s breast test results are back…bad Powerball advice, Powerball myths…what have you never tried?


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Watch: Woman Tries To Kiss Snake… What Do You Think Happens Next?

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Watch the video…


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Car frozen in five inches of ice near Buffalo!

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Going to need more than an ice scraper!


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

Jennifer Lawrence schools journalist at the Golden Globes!

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Dude…put down your phone!

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